4 Ways to Invest in Innovation

Does your business keep putting digital transformation in the “Too Difficult” pile? Sure, it’s daunting to embrace enterprise-wide change. Yes, the choices can be confusing. And chances are, you don’t have the capabilities internally to make the required changes. But none of those excuses stacks up when you consider the risks of having your business disrupted.

Investing in Innovation is a focus at the Wavefront 2017 IoT Summit in Toronto, May 1-2. Following a keynote address by Nitin Kawale, President of Rogers’ Enterprise Business Unit, we’re bringing together experts, executives and entrepreneurs in a panel discussion about investment strategies.

Here are a few approaches they may explore:

  • Invest in innovation labs. “Canada’s most familiar retail brand has quietly become one of the country’s most aggressive innovators in digital marketing,” reports Canadian Business. Canadian Tire has launched an innovative incubator, the Digital Garage, at the Communitech hub in Waterloo, ON. Read more.


  • Invest in partnerships. Ericsson and Rogers are piloting a Connected Water solution for water quality testing with the City of Ottawa. Read more.
    Vancouver-based startup Vandrico recently partnered with Deloitte to create a wearable technology database. They plan to use this information to tackle productivity challenges in a number of industries. Read more.


  • Invest in talent. Build a team in-house that can support your digital transformation. Sometimes this involves deploying current staff in new ways. The Bank of Nova Scotia organizes rapid labs, where employees from different divisions spend 16 weeks focusing on a particular issue that used to take years to address. Read more.


  • Invest in startups. Salesforce is known for its penchant for Canadian SaaS startups. It has purchased companies from coast to coast – in Nova Scotia, Ontario and BC. Read more.

In addition to keynote speakers and panel discussions, the Wavefront 2017 IoT Summit offers delegates access to B2B Meetings. These facilitated one-on-one meetings match enterprise clients with IoT solutions providers. These game-changing introductions help large companies discover digital solutions; SMEs can expand their customer base, create valuable partnerships or expand to new markets.

Early Bird tickets for the Summit are available until March 15. Register today.

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