Recap: What You Need to Know for Going Global

There are many uncertainties when considering expanding your business internationally. Where do you expand to first? How do you enter new markets? When is your business ready? These are questions that every growing business has to face. That’s why we decided to hold a session on Going Global.

The event was held last Tuesday at VIATEC in Victoria, BC. Brian Roberts, our Vice President of Global Services, kicked off the day with a presentation on “What You Need to Know for Going Global.” He shared best practices on how to access global wireless markets and grow your business internationally, and discussed the ease of entry level for foreign markets across the globe.

The Trade Commissioner Service of Global Affairs Canada and Export Development Canada then took the stage to bring awareness to the various types of support, knowledge and access to funding they are able to provide to companies looking to grow into new markets. The government can provide vital resources for international business expansion, so be sure to give them a call before you make any international deals.

Local companies with experience in international markets including Tutela Technologies, RevenueWire, and Latitude Geographics joined the Going Global panel to share their own tips, highlights and pitfalls of navigating how to expand internationally for the first time. Many unexpected issues can arise from entering new markets, so hearing from companies with firsthand experience was invaluable.  

Are you considering expanding your business across the globe?

If you’re thinking about expanding, you can leverage Wavefront’s expertise and ease the transition into international markets with our Global Market Entry Program.

Each year, Wavefront takes a select number of companies to various markets around the world with our Global Market Entry program. The program provides Canadian mobile and wireless companies with the support and funding they need to successfully enter new global markets through trips to countries around the globe. Each trip itinerary and location is focused on a specific subsector of the wireless industry, and customized to include a small, select group of companies. With this targeted approach, our program ensures you will receive the particular attention and opportunities you need to take your business to the next level.

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