#WeAreWavefront: Meet Brad Lowe

Tell me a bit about yourself…

My name is Brad. I’m an engineer by training but have spent the majority of my career managing R&D organizations. I have worked in a few large multinational organizations like Nokia, Microsoft, and MacDonald Dettwiler but I have also worked in and started a few companies, two of which have been acquired by the likes of IBM and Ericsson.

What do you do for Wavefront?

Currently, I am the VP of National Accelerator Operations. Our mission is to accelerate the growth of wireless, mobile and Internet of Things (IoT) companies in Canada. We offer a collection of programs that serve companies from early-stage startups, to growth-stage companies with early traction, and even successful companies that are growing into international markets with their proven solutions.

Why the tech industry?

The cool thing about tech is that we are increasing the productivity of existing companies through technology. Everybody knows about how our day-to-day lives as individuals are impacted by tech but it’s not just that. Everything that we do at home and at work is being improved with the help of technology and one of the key enablers today is wireless and mobile.

How is what Wavefront is doing making a difference to Canada?

We are helping in 2 ways. On one side, we are helping to grow the number of successful companies that are creating world-leading wireless solutions. We help companies at all phases of growth with programs like our early stage Venture Acceleration Program (VAP), RevUp Program for growth stage, and Global Market Entry Program for export-ready companies. We also provide business and technical expertise to help companies with sticky problems wherever they are in their growth cycle.

On the other side of the coin, we help existing successful Canadian companies find and adopt technologies, hopefully from these Canadian tech entrepreneurs. In this way we help Canadian enterprises improve their productivity and competitiveness with made-in-Canada solutions.

What does the future of IoT hold for Canada?

The technologies that collectively make up the Internet of Things will change the way the existing companies do business. This is an opportunity for Canada to increase our global competitiveness in industries where we have always excelled. It also creates an opportunity for new companies to solve business problems for Canadian companies and then take those successes to global markets. Canada has the opportunity to change the game in IoT and the time to move things forward is now.


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