Canadian SMEs take Silicon Valley

Going global is no small feat. That’s why we aim to ease the transition into international markets with our Global Market Entry Program.

The Program

Since 2009, Wavefront and Global Affairs Canada (GAC) have taken over 175 companies from across Canada to 34 countries with the Global Market Entry Program. This program provides Canadian SMEs with opportunities such as B2B matchmaking meetings with high level decision makers, targeted networking events with potential partners, and the ability to attend and exhibit at industry conferences. Each trip itinerary and location is focused on a specific sub-sector of the wireless industry, and customized to include a small, select group of companies.

In September, Wavefront took a targeted group of Canadian companies to Silicon Valley to attend Telecom Council Carrier Connections (TC3) 2016. In addition to the conference, Canada’s Trade Commissioner Service helped organize a series of B2B meetings with large international enterprises including Intel, Rogers, Toshiba, Deutsche Telekom, Verizon, and many more.

The Companies

CrowdCare’s Wysdom solution is the world’s most advanced context based self-care product for connected devices. The Wysdom solution helps mobile carriers and IoT providers drastically increase customer satisfaction and lower customer service costs by delivering a great self-care experience directly to subscribers.

CLEARink is a leader in reflective display technology for Electronic Shelf Labels (ESLs), Wearables, and mobile devices. CLEARink’s TIR technology is a superior alternative to existing reflective displays, providing unparalleled video and color representation, using a fraction of the energy consumption of LCD displays, with a highly competitive cost structure, the TIR technology from CLEARink is patent protected.

At iQmetrix, we are passionate about retail. Our purpose is to create great experiences for retailers, their employees and the end consumer. Our products bridge the gap between physical and virtual retail channels, offering the latest in retail management and customer experience technology.

Founded in 2011, Maluuba is a Canadian A.I. company with a mission to develop the world’s most advanced deep learning based language understanding platform in order to train machines to model decision-making capabilities of the human brain.

Mobovivo has developed a proprietary social gamification platform for sports. We have deployed solutions for Intel, ESPN, Time Warner Cable, Cineplex, Sony, and other fortune 500 companies.

NoviFlow develops high performance forwarding plane software and NPU-based Switches that enable Carriers and Hyperscale Datacenters to truly scale their SDN solutions. NoviFlow’s switches are fully compliant with the latest OpenFlow protocol and designed to address two key needs of SDN deployments: the capacity to handle large numbers (millions) of flows and network scalability.

ThinkCX is a churn abatement technology that provides telecoms with a highly innovative and intelligent alternative to costly, last-ditch, “one-size-fits-all” customer retention campaigns. ThinkCX proactively identifies up to 75% of your social customers that are going to churn, and produces an actionable alert 30-120 days before they call to cancel.

WTFast provides middle mile optimization for online game traffic delivered through a PC client (6 yrs of R&D) or a router client (1 yr of R&D). We have a global network of over 200 servers to optimize the routing of game data from users to game servers. We reduce the average latency and greatly smooth out the game connection, improving the gamer experience.

The Results

As of result of this trip, the Canadian companies were able to make meaningful connections with large potential partners in the carrier solutions space. Trevor Doerksen from Mobovio shared his thoughts on the experience:

“The trip was well organized, coordinated, planned and executed. Wavefront brought all the players together at the right place and the right time; it was fantastic. We’ve had follow up from big US and international companies that has been as strong as the initial response. Must do this every month!”

This Silicon Valley trip was one of 8 Global Market Entry Program trips completed in 2016.  Other notable trips included Asia, Australia & New Zealand, Germany, Columbia, Austria, and New York & Washington with our final trip being the Middle East in mid-December. As the year wraps up, we begin planning for our 2017 global trips. If you are interested in participating or would like to learn more about the program, visit our website at

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