Go Downtown Launches Public Pilot of Real-Time Urban Mapping Mobile App



November 24, 2016 (Vancouver, BC) – Go Downtown announced today the launch of a public pilot of its Real-Time Urban Mapping mobile application in the Metro Vancouver area. The App is now free to download at the Canadian App Store and Google Play.

The new app helps users in large, vibrant cities find what is happening around town right now and where to go to participate. The app indicates the location of live events and highlights crowds’ hot spots using a live foot-traffic heatmap.

According to the company, today there is no quick and easy way to know what’s going on in town right now. The main mapping platforms like Google, Apple or Bing present mostly static data while the information about live urban events (like live music, parties, shows etc.) is fragmented across the net and hard to find

Go Downtown radically changes the way we plan our hangouts and find where the action is, by visualizing the live city. The social app aggregates information about Live Urban Events from user reports and other sources and displays them on the map. Featured events include festivals, shows, live music, food truck locations, happy hours and more. Users can share the details of an event they like and the app produces a walking route to take them there.

Go Downtown also features a Live Foot Traffic Heatmap. The app aggregates the location and speed of its users to generate a real-time foot traffic ‘synoptic map’. The foot traffic heatmap highlights pedestrian hot spots and helps users find where the action is and where people go. Users can even filter the map to find hot spots of specific groups of people based on their demographic and common interests.

In addition the app offers themed walking routes (like ‘tourist attractions’ near me, ‘shopping spree’, ‘pub crawl’ and more) that enables the users to explore the city by walking.

“The concept of real time urban mapping is powerful” said Yaron Bazaz, co-founder and CEO of Go Downtown. “Waze revolutionized mapping by using real time user reports to map current traffic congestions and help drivers. Go Downtown takes real time mapping further by utilizing user inputs to depict urban life. Where are people hanging out right now, what cultural events are taking place today. The ability to digest all this information, visualize it and analyze patterns will have enormous impact on users, businesses and local authorities.“

In addition to the benefits for end users, the real-time foot traffic data and live urban events information Go Downtown generates serves a wide range of markets. From leading retail chains and car sharing ventures that would like to understand foot traffic patterns, to universities and cities that can use it for better planning. Go Downtown predicts that live foot traffic data, pattern analysis and forecast will play a key role in many Smart City initiatives and will be widely use by urban planners to plan more pedestrian- friendly cities.

Earlier this year the startup ran a successful pilot at the University of British Columbia with the support of the faculty and the student organization. During the pilot the app aggregated the foot traffic of hundreds of participants and mapped the main walking routes students are using during days and nights throughout the campus.

Following the pilot in Vancouver the company plans to expand the service to more cities in Canada and the US.

To participate in the pilot in Vancouver download the iOS version from the App Store or the Android Version from Google Play at http://onelink.to/crrrky.


About Go Downtown

Go Downtown features the revolution of Real Time Urban Mapping. A revolutionary social map application that visualizes the live city and helps users to find where the action is. Go Downtown is based in Vancouver, BC and Palo Alto, California. Learn more at http://godowntown.mobi/  and follow us at twitter.com/GoDowntownApp and www.facebook.com/godowntownapp

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