Navigating The Hiring Season: 5 Tips for a Standout LinkedIn Profile

As we approach the end of the year, minds turn to new beginnings and new opportunities. Whether you’re looking for new job or to find out what’s happening in the tech community, fairs and networking events remain in full swing this Fall across the country.

Vancouver Startup Week for example, hosted their annual Recruitment Fair in September that brought together over 500 attendees! Companies were on the lookout for top talent interested in jumping on board with a new opportunity in technology, and a range of companies and talent turned out to participate.

Techfest, another recruitment fair aimed at the tech community, is happening early January in Toronto, and just finished up here in Vancouver. In case you missed these events, mark your calendars for next year as they happen annually!

For more current events check out Wavefront’s event listing to find out what may be happening in your area.

5 Tips for a Compelling LinkedIn Profile

While hiring fairs and networking events are a great way to get in sync with current opportunities, they can take a lot of energy to navigate well. After all your efforts to network and get out there, the last thing you want is to lose touch with all the leads you may have generated!

One important part of a good follow up process is to have a robust LinkedIn profile and make sure you take the time to connect online with those new acquaintances. If you are in the market for a new job, having a strong LinkedIn profile is paramount. Your online profile is your brand, so you’ll want to make sure you’ve given thought to how your key messages as a candidate are being portrayed.

Think that your LinkedIn profile needs a bit of attention but not sure where to start? Who better to ask for advice than someone in the hiring seat! Here are a few tips from Kari LaMotte at Corporate Recruiters on how to craft a compelling LinkedIn Profile:

Tip 1: A picture is worth a thousand words.

The first impression on your LinkedIn profile is your picture. Make sure the first impression not a “No.” Ask people for their opinion and use a good picture.

Tip 2: Easy Navigation

You have 10 seconds for the first impression so make it easy to find the important information. For example, separate your volunteer work and your day job so it is easy to see what you are going to get paid to do! If you are paid to code JAVA or sell $2,000,000 don’t clutter it with Chair of the University Business Club.

Tip 3: Proofread & Check Your Dates!

Lot’s of gramma amd speling checkurs avaylable online. Attntion to dentails is important!

Make sure everything aligns. If the dates are different on your resume and LinkedIn profile, it doesn’t help your Brand Promise.

Tip 4: Don’t assume the reader knows what you did or what the company does.

Even if you work for a big-name company, it’s good to have ONE-sentence on what the company sells and what your division did. Then add easy-to-read bullet points to describe your job, your products and your success.

Tip 5: Less time on the cover letter and more time on the resume

It is a good idea to edit your resume to showcase exactly how your experience matches what the hiring manager is looking for, based on the position description bullets. It’s so easy to see a great job description for a company, think to yourself, “that’s perfect for me!,” and then ship your standard resume off to apply. They’ve done a great job of marketing the position to someone like you, so reciprocate by marketing yourself right back to them.

Looking for a job in the tech sector? Check out these current opportunities from Wavefront companies:

Scoop Mae | @Scoop_MAE

Senior Full Stack Developer


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Network Engineer

Network Technician


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Multiple Opportunities


E-treat | @eTreatMD

Multiple Opportunities


Lazymeal | @lazymeal

Multiple Opportunities


Metaoptima | @MetaOptima

Multiple Opportunities


Bioenterprise | @Bioenterprise03

Analyst, Agricultural Business

Analyst, Bioproducts


DaliWireless @DaliWireless

Multiple Opportunities


Commandwear | @commandwear

Senior Developer

Enterprise Sales Representative

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