NACO at Wavefront: When the Angels Came to Visit

Over 400 Angel Investors from across Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom and Brazil, gathered in Vancouver for the 2016 National NACO Summit. During the event Wavefront hosted one of three Industry Sector tours, with our focus being on Information and Communications Technologies (ICT) and the Internet of Things (IoT). Over 30 Angel Investors joined for an afternoon at Wavefront for a facility tour, presentations from a selection of our “best in breed” companies, and concluding with a panel discussion on investing in, and growing early stage companies in Canada.

The event was sponsored by MacPherson, Leslie & Tyerman (MLT) and the presenting companies represented a range of industries such as, wearables, augmented reality, security, retail and gaming. A lively discussion was moderated by Andrew Dilts of MLT, and featured Bill McGraw, Wavefront Entrepreneur in Residence (EIR), Mischa Steiner, Founder & CEO, Awsense (Wavefront alumni) and Boris Mann, Serial Entrepreneur & Co-Founder of Open Angel.

Companies featured on the tour included:

Artcode – Artcode is an independent video-game company that has developed a partnership with key industry players; their mobile game, Speed Freeks, will soon be released on the App store.

Curiate – Curiate generates in-depth data about what viewers are most curious about when watching a TV or streaming show – offering the industry visibility beyond Nielsen ratings.

Drive BI – DRIVE helps restaurants stay connected to the customer experience with 360-degree view of the customers’’ experience to improve both marketing and operations.

Fitplan – Fitplan is a mobile app that gives you access to the exact training methods of the world’s top athletes.

FusionPipe – FusionPipe provides convenient yet secure smartphone and wearable software solutions to improve enterprise productivity and enhance data and network security.

Guusto – Guusto is a digital gifting platform that lets you send food, drinks, movies, and other gift cards to clients, colleagues, family and friends.

QuestUpon – Augmented reality, exploration, and social activity; think Pokemon Go, with way more features and built on a network. QuestUpon’s augmented reality platform can be used across multiple industries to bring brands to life through games, guided tours, urban races and more.

Vancosys – Vancosys specializes in multi-factor user authentication software and hardware to reduce fraud for enterprises, using proximity-based smartphone login.

Vandrico – Vandrico is a software company working with large industrial enterprise, providing a visualization and communication system designed for remote enterprise environments.

The word about the tour spread, bringing another half-dozen investors the following day to learn more about one of Canada’s top accelerator incubators and how we help commercialize next-generation technologies. Wavefront’s mission is to lead in the digital transformation of Canadian businesses through mobile and IoT innovation. We aim to accelerate growth and competitiveness, through the creation and adoption of wireless technologies in order to drive profitability, economic impact and social benefits for Canadians.

Interested in a tour of Wavefront? Want to learn more about our programs or co-working space? Email us directly [email protected].


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