Startup Spotlight: Cam Speck, Co-Founder of Fitplan

Startup Spotlight is an ongoing series which profiles Canadian wireless and mobile technology startups.

This month, we spoke with Cam Speck, the Co-Founder of Fitplan. Fitplan, a VAP company, is a mobile sphere where fitness enthusiasts come to find the exact training methods of the athletes that inspire them. Created by top experts and social influencers, Fitplan allows users to engage directly with the world’s most inspiring social influencers and follow their training methods built to help anyone reach their health and fitness goals.

What’s the story behind Fitplan? Can you tell me a bit about you, and what inspired you to build the Fitplan app?

My co-founder, Landon, and I have always been into fitness and nutrition. We found that moving on a daily basis and prioritizing good nutrition gave us the energy and confidence to perform better at whatever we were doing. Our passion for health and fitness led to the desire to share the mental and physical benefits associated with this lifestyle with everyone else.

My curiosity for great nutrition and experience in developing meal plans for others were key drivers for me in wanting to start Fitplan. Landon also shares a passion for fitness, and holds a design and tech background. With this combination of skills, we wanted to leverage our collective knowledge to share our passion for fitness with the world. Our vision in creating Fitplan was to enable people to transform their mind and body with the exact workout plans of the world’s most inspiring influencers.

With so many options in the market for fitness training and programs, what does Fitplan offer and what makes it stand out from the rest? 

The athletes we partner with are what makes us truly unique. Our programs are developed by athletes and influencers who are established top performers in their field. There are a lot of choices in the market in terms of training programs available – but not all of them carry the assurance of getting you great results. In building our list of partners and athletes, we went after people who are real influencers, and put emphasis on connecting with users in their social sphere.

With the convergence of tech and social change, how do you envision technology changing the fitness industry in the future?

I see us changing the world of fitness through technology by having integrations into apps that allow a user to seamlessly work out and have a meal plan that is adjusted on a daily basis depending on how active they are.

For example, when working out you need to eat a certain amount of food depending on your goals. Imagine having a living nutrition plan that went hand in hand with the activity you were are doing, and tracked your progress in real-time. Ideally, it would be smart enough to know what nutrition you need more of, and feed this information into how you could optimize your next workout.

Fitplan TeamPhoto

Can you talk a bit about some of your major hurdles in starting this venture, and what you did to overcome them?

When starting out, trying to build a business with limited resources is a challenge. It’s the catch-22 of not being able to afford to pay for the talent or resources that you really want, but needing the talent and skill sets to really get the company and revenue streams going.

In working to overcome that, staying true to our vision and being able to share the story of why we exist has been paramount. It’s allowed us to get the right people on board in terms of investors and great staff, which has helped our growth a lot.

Wavefront definitely played a part in this initial growth stage as it exposed us to a valuable community. Through this, we’ve been able to find the right additional staff members, learn from great speakers and mentors, and connect the dots from what we may need to continually adjust to reach our goals.

Is there anything new and exciting coming up for Fitplan?

With the success of our iOs launch earlier this year, we are excited to launch our Android app and connect with the Spanish and Portuguese speaking communities.

 In recent news, this past week we closed-off a contest that brought two of our users to Las Vegas to meet with two of our athletes at the 2016 Olympia Fitness and Performance Expo. The two lucky winners were loyal participants of the athletes’ program and the Fitplan platform.

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Connect with Cam on Instagram @Camspeck or on LinkedIn.

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