Canadian Agri-Tech Companies Finding Opportunities in Australia and New Zealand

The Australian agricultural sector is a world leader in providing high quality food and fiber for a global population using innovative technologies. In 2015, investments in the global Agri-Tech sector exceeded $4 billion; smart farming solutions have allowed farmers to gather more data on a wide range of key metrics including air and soil temperatures, moisture, wind speed, humidity, crop pests, solar radiation and rainfall. With the growing trend towards larger farms, the agricultural industry is looking to tech to help drive increased productivity and efficiency.

In May, Wavefront took a targeted group of Agri-Tech companies from across Canada to New Zealand and Australia for a wide variety of meetings in the Agriculture sector through our Global Market Entry Program. They had the opportunity to meet with greenhouse farmers, vineyards, food processors and precision agriculture firms. Joining us on this trip were the following companies:

Burton Software Inc.

Burton Software Inc. provides a B2B solution for the food industry through its flagship product, ICICLE, a cloud-based solution for generating food safety documents including HACCP and traceability for inspectors and auditors. ICICLE has the infrastructure for hardware integration possibilities.


Real–time irrigation management technologies using cellular data networks, ensuring optimal crop growth while drastically reducing water use, energy consumption and the environmental impacts of agriculture.

Hortau provides end-to-end support and training for its proven irrigation management platform.

Practical Precision

MRI soil analysis – SoilOptix®. In-depth analysis of soil with the over three hundred sample points per acre.  SoilOptix® assists growers in developing a comprehensive understanding of the variations in fertility and other properties of their soil.


A crop-analytics company with a focus on improving grape quality and reducing costs at commercial vineyards using drone-based sensors. With three levels of sensor calibration, SkySquirrel’s data accuracy is critical for comparing results across the season and year to year.

Tech Mist

Bacterial and organic control for the greenhouse industry. Tech Mist offers a service/system to wash and disinfect an environment faster and more thoroughly than anything on the market. The gas – Sparc™ – is 30,000 times more powerful than a bleach solution, yet breaks down to oxygen, water and carbon dioxide after its use.

The Trade Commissioners Fabienne Bovis (Auckland), Nigel Sabin (Sydney) and David Ingham (Canberra) put together a fantastic program for the group, which has already resulted in a signed distribution partnership with a company in Auckland.

Steven Burton from Burton Software Inc. said, “The Wavefront Global Market Entry Program unlocked doors that would normally have been closed on us. Having the excellent reputation of Canada solidly behind us made our potential customers take notice, creating low friction interactions that enabled us to capitalize on high-value opportunities. The networking opportunities provided also enabled us to create new relationships and plug meaningfully into the business ecosystems of the countries we visited.”

Since 2009, Wavefront in partnership with Global Affairs Canada have taken over 175 companies from across Canada to 34 countries with the Global Market Entry Program. These programs provide Canadian SMEs with opportunities such as B2B matchmaking meetings with high level decision makers, targeted networking events with potential partners and the ability to attend and exhibit at industry conferences.

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