The Big Bang of Business: Internet of Things (IoT) Demands New Approaches to Remain Relevant

Canada has a unique opportunity to lead the world and gain unparalleled commercial advantage in the ‘mobile revolution’ – a revolution marked by the emergence of the Internet of Things (IoT). By the end of the decade, many experts estimate there will be at least 50 billion connected devices around the world, creating a $14.4 trillion business opportunity. It is an opportunity that Canadian firms simply can’t afford to miss. Firms that fail to integrate IoT within their business risk becoming irrelevant and being displaced from the market.

At Wavefront, we believe much like the Industrial Revolution, IoT will unleash a ‘Business Revolution’. It will create massive business disruption. While the Industrial Revolution evolved over more than 60 years, IoT will bring unprecedented change in the blink of an eye. Companies must transform or fail. This dramatic rate of change is unlike anything we have seen before – and it is catalyzing the convergence of the IoT and mobile enterprise much faster than expected. This drives increased urgency for Canadian companies to develop and implement mobile strategies today.

Companies that recognize the value of IoT are putting these technologies to work to gain competitive advantage. Exponential growth opportunities are emerging across the economy in vertical sectors from life sciences to energy, natural resources, agriculture, environment, aerospace, and defence. But this new mobile world demands new approaches; old ways of doing things no longer apply. Partnerships are required to succeed. No single firm will have all the expertise, technologies or knowhow required to bring a complete IoT solution to market. Companies that focus on IoT and related market opportunities have the potential to create ‘exportable’ products and services, and improve our productivity in Canada.

IoT opportunity and strategy is the focus of the Wavefront Summits, taking place May 5 and 6 at the Shaw Centre, Ottawa. The marquee event will illuminate the dramatic change IoT will bring, with focus on the business implications of IoT and mobile enterprise, and their convergence. Participants will hear how industry thought leaders are embracing this transformation, adopting novel wireless technologies, and gaining global competitive advantage. They will acquire valuable insight on key challenges, innovation and immediate solutions for policy, security, data value, platforms and networks, and mobility in this new era.

It will also feature an Innovation Showcase of leading Canadian wireless entrepreneurs who will compete for cash and in-kind services; and highly targeted Business-to-Business (B2B) meetings that facilitate valuable connections among Canadian entrepreneurs and SMEs bringing mobile solutions to markets and industry leaders from around the globe.

Do you aspire to capitalize on exponential growth opportunities, and achieve impact that far exceeds your competitors? Join us at the Wavefront Summits to ensure your company remains relevant in this new era.

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