It’s time to evolve in this era of Digital Darwinism

Customer is king. Yet, in an era of “Digital Darwinism” where technology, society, and business models rapidly evolve, customer experience is often elusive. Businesses are beginning to realize that, throughout their evolution, they must invest in change to keep up with and ultimately lead a new era of connected markets. As a result, businesses are now entering an era of “digital transformation” to integrate and improve the customer experience.

To do so begins with noting the considerable differences between traditional customer strategies and those required to engage and nurture relationships with digital customers. We found that understanding the digital customer experience is one of the primary catalysts for businesses placing substantial investment in digital transformation.

Our research details what digital transformation is, how companies are embracing change, and the challenges and opportunities that emerge throughout the process. Through a series of interviews with digital strategists and executives at some of the world’s leading brands, Altimeter explores the role of new customer behavior and disruptive technology in influencing how organizations evolve. Our findings represent important trends and goals in digital transformation that benefit all businesses seeking to adapt to digital markets in meaningful ways.

Key Findings:

  1. Social, mobile, real-time, and other disruptive technologies are aligning to necessitate bigger changes than initially anticipated.
  2. Digital transformation is quickly becoming a priority for many leading organizations.
  3. Mapping and understanding the customer experience is becoming critical in guiding transformation efforts.
  4. While gaining momentum, digital transformation as a formal process is still in its infancy.
  5. Digital transformation is driven partly by technology and also by the evolution of customer behavior.
  6. Three key elements form the compound upon which digital transformation efforts are built:
    • It is most effective with pointed vision and supportive leadership.
    • Optimizing the digital customer experience becomes the initial objective.
    • Change materializes through the formation of a digital transformation team.
  7. A list of best practices will serve as a checklist to help strategists take the next steps to beginning digital transformation or optimizing current efforts.

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3 Comments on “It’s time to evolve in this era of Digital Darwinism”

  1. Absolutely, this is why we must focus on the customer/user experience! UX design is super critical in this digital transformation age. Thanks putting out this report!

    UX design is easily the #1 thing that doesn’t get enough investment, because it seems like it costs so much time and money up front and doesn’t feel like much. But once you’ve got a good UX design figured out, the rest is just road mapping your tech development on the path to making the full user experience. Sometimes your tech needs to get dumped and try again, and maybe you just have to do a few prototypes first.

    Thinking of it as a soccer team; UX design gives your whole team one clear vision of what your customer would like to experience, so your team is consistently kicking in the right direction. With a UX design firmly figured out, you know what your goal looks like. Once you kick the dev through to completion, you can finally celebrate.

    Conquer Mobile has done dozens of projects by now, and we’re at a 100% success rate building great UX designs and seeing them through to completion. And wow, does good UX design matter a lot! It matters so much, we rejected clients that want to skip investing in the UX design process and jump into dev with some awful “wireframes”. Doesn’t matter who does it, but we must have the UX figured out, and design the tech to meet that UX goal.

    Haha.. we also know when enough is enough. 🙂 The other trap is over-design and stretching yourself too thin. The ultimate goal is getting that elegant UX design implemented so your customer can experience it.

    – Aaron

  2. I had a somewhat similar thought the other day when I saw the chart below.

    Could true human evolution at a Darwinian level be around the corner as we start to adapt our minds (if not our bodies) to the extension that is made possible by permanently connecting to cyber space via connected mobnile devices. Will some of us develop adaptations that help us perform/survive better in the environment we find ourselves in as a result of this cyber-connection?

  3. I had a somewhat similar thought a couple of days ago when I saw the chart below. Could true human evolution at a Darwinian level be around the corner based on adaptions our minds (if not our bodies) make as a result of being permanently connected to cyber-space?
    Ultimately some people will figure out ways to out-perform/out-survive the general population through making Digital Darwinian adaptations.

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