Mobile and Wireless – How to Gain the Advantage

It took 100 years to build 1 billion fixed phone lines, but It only took 20 years to add 5 billion mobile subscribers. According to estimates, there will be 9.3 billion mobile subscriptions in 2019 and many of these will be activated on advanced networks featuring 4G LTE technology. Some of the pending growth in mobile subscribers will come from enterprises who are embracing the BYOD movement, which is one of the most radical changes to the economics and the culture of client computing in business in decades. Additionally, M2M (or the proliferation of Internet-connected devices that interact without human intervention)  is creating new possibilities in data gathering, predictive analytics, and IT automation that were previously unavailable.

LTE, BYOD and M2M are all hallmarks of a movement towards pervasive mobile computing, where fully-meshed solutions providing Big Data Analytics — both empirical and predictive , Business Intelligence, Advanced Collaboration and seamless Workflow will become the drivers of new revenue opportunities, improved employee productivity, enhanced cost control, and (ultimately) higher net margins. The technologies and their many benefits are here now, and are available to the progressive and competitive organization that ascribes to own and maintain a leadership position in its existing or new marketplaces –

Success with LTE, BYOD and M2M will require that old business management processes be revamped or (in some cases) eliminated, and improved or replaced with newer, more holistic yet global approaches. How to gain the advantage from LTE, BYOD, and M2M will be the topic of a discussion being held in Calgary on April 2nd.  Learn how to leverage existing infrastructure investments and technology partners, and to seize the advantage.

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