Innovation at Summits: Tackling Tech and the Internet of Things

The 3rd Annual Wavefront Wireless Summits rounded out on February 6th, 2014, following a packed 3-day agenda, with delegates hearing from keynotes on the challenges and opportunities facing wireless companies. Joined by entrepreneurs from across Canada, SME’s from around the globe and business leaders from some of the largest and most reputable technology, communication and media companies, discussion around the evolution of technology and innovation were hot topics.

Wavefront’s highlights include, keynotes giving insight into the industry’s most frequently asked questions or areas of debate. Keynote IBM’s Jeffery Betts, discussed innovations in healthcare, while Author Tim Hayden and Vancouver’s CEO Jay Giraud discusses connected vehicles with Betakit. Rogers talked about their Mobile Shopper solution and the future of mobile payments and how Canada could pave the way for mobile payment solutions over the US was explored. Keynotes, media and SME’s in attendance also addressed the ways in which wireless innovations could help improve lives. Almost every industry and its relationship to the Internet of Things and where we see innovation going was discussed in the hallways of Summits.

Over 100 carefully matched B2B Meetings took place with 5 future deals or partnerships already moving forward. Rogers announced their retail game-changing Mobile Shopper application. And finally, Wavefront Wireless Summits announced that next year’s conference will be held in Ottawa.

It seems all the energy of the two-day event reached new heights for the first Innovation Showcase. The atmosphere was electric as the stage was opened to Canadian SME’s who had been selected to pitch their business. The Canadian Digital Media Network (CDMN) put forward a $2000 prize for the winning pitch, as voted for by the room of fellow entrepreneurs, business leaders and innovation scouts.

Ahead of Summits, I said I was most looking forward to seeing all the elements that Wavefront is about come together under one-roof. Wavefront is dedicated to facilitating linkages between Canadian wireless companies, critical resources, partners and opportunities to accelerate their growth and commercialization,” recalls James Maynard, Wavefront’s President and CEO.

“Wireless Summits 2014 delivered these opportunities and the platform for enterprises and SME’s to ignite conversations, form partnerships and accelerate innovation. I’m now looking forward to seeing how some of the conversations from Summits develop and the partnerships that it results in.”

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