Experience Tectoria

Date: September 11-13, 2014
Location: Victoria, BC
Cost: $35 – $299

Experience Tectoria is a brand new event that is going to show the world why Victoria is Canada’s Smartest City and why our tech sector is our #1 industry. From September 13th to 16th, local Tectorians and out of town VIPs will merge together to soak in some knowledge, networking and incredible entertainment:

  • VIPs will be in attendance from San Francisco, Portland, Boulder, Seattle, Vancouver and more
    -Top Venture Capital and M&A Firms, Super Angels from across the NorthWest, some of the most influential tech bloggers and journalists
    -New names and firms being announced weekly
  • Amazing relationship building opportunities combined with top level content
  • An audience of tech startups, employees, companies and potential investors
  • Talented speakers from all over the province with years of hands-on experience
  • Seminars, social events, activities, scenic tours and musical performances across the city (VIP Passes to the Rifflandia Musical Festival available).

This event is a benefit to our city, our people and the future of technology. We are thrilled for everyone to Experience Tectoria.

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