Awesense Introduces New Smart Grid Analytics Solution to Increase Grid Efficiency and Public Safety

December 16, 2013—Vancouver, B.C. – Awesense, announces the launch of a new smart grid analytics solution called True Grid Insight (TGI), focused on mitigating the risks of outages, theft and other unidentified losses in distribution grids.

Utilities worldwide lose $100 Billion of electricity each year due to avoidable distribution losses and power theft, and this increase by about 2.5% per year.  Aging distribution grids are also subject to exceptional stresses caused by new distribution generation, electric vehicle charging needs and other changes that lead to increased risk of overloads and disruptions. TGI is an intelligent solution that helps solve these problems while leading to increased grid efficiency and public safely.

Utilities have made huge investments in smart meters and smart substations. These systems, however, cannot easily address the fact that about 90% of losses and 70% of theft occurs between the substation and the smart meter. Many utilities struggle to justify widespread deployment of monitoring on the distribution lines and transformers. TGI helps optimize the placement of permanent sensors where justified, based on an assessment of highest exposure to risk.

The TGI system identifies the grid segments at highest risk, and provides actionable recommendations to mitigate those risks. Using Awesense’s field-proven SenseNET system to easily and quickly collect additional data from the live distribution lines, TGI offers true insights into the actual operating conditions of transformers and other assets while pinpointing theft.
“True Grid Insight and SenseNET enable sensor-to-boardroom situational awareness, says Mischa Steiner-Jovic, CEO. “As part of a complete solution to drive the risk management process, TGI helps determine which parts of the distribution grid are exposed to the greatest avoidable risk due to overloads, theft and other unidentified losses,” further explains Mischa Steiner-Jovic, CEO. “TGI gives customers visibility into their grid and provides true insights which help develop and execute long-term energy strategies that will improve overall business performance.”
About Awesense
Awesense offers advanced Platform as a Service grid analytics tools that provide true insight into the distribution grid, with special emphasis on finding nontechnical losses: power theft and metering errors that cost US power companies over $6B annually, and globally exceeds $100B per year. The TGI & SenseNET system includes software to identify parts of the grid that are likely to have high levels of theft and losses, roving data collection tools to create a comprehensive view of actual loading conditions on the grid, and a series of analytics applications that combine the relevant data sources to monetize the causes of loss and theft. For more information, please contact us at [email protected] or