Success Stories: Hootsuite’s Usability Testing and Aajo’s International Market Entry (via CDMN)

The following guest post was originally published by CDMN hub Wavefront and is published here with permission.

Hootsuite — Mobile Version of Online Dashboard

HootSuite is a social media management system for businesses and organizations to collaboratively execute campaigns across multiple social networks from one secure, web-based dashboard. In 2010, HootSuite was faced with large customer demand and needed to get to market quickly with a mobile version of their social media dashboard. Consumer needs were changing, and in order to satisfy its customers, HootSuite needed access to knowledge and capabilities that were currently not in reach.

Wavefront Usability Testing
Wavefront provided HootSuite with access over 400 devices from its Device Library, access to the Usability Lab and mobile expertise enabling HootSuite to build, test, and deploy their mobile product across a variety of devices and platforms.

Saved Time and Money
HootSuite was able to test their product efficiently and cost-effectively allowing the mobile dashboard to be released in less time and at lower cost. HootSuite saved thousands of dollars in development costs by avoiding the purchase of individual devices. HootSuite today is one of the most used social media management tool in Canada.


Aajo — A Fresh Approach to Mobile Engagement

Toronto-based Aajo Systems entered the mobile technology market in April 2011, with a mobile engagement platform that allows brands and other content providers to send vivid, full-screen messaging to users in real-time without altering their experience. Once installed by end users as live wall paper, each “aajo” operates unobtrusively in the background, which users can tap for more information. To gain traction with its mobile engagement solution, Aajo needed to enter the international arena. Wavefront was ready to help pave the way.

Wavefront Market Linkage Program
Wavefront’s market linkage program, supported by Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada (DFAIT), provides Canadian wireless companies with the support and funding they need to successfully enter new global markets.In December 2012, Aajo traveled to India on a Wavefront-led market linkage trip. Through DFAIT, Aajo connected with GoBindas Entertainment, one of India’s leading players in managed value-added services to telecom operators. Within a month, a partnership was struck. Just three months later, Aajo and Gobindas received a go-ahead to launch several “aajos” on India’s leading telecom operator.

Fuelling Global Business Growth
Aajo created four white-labeled aajos for India’s leading telecom operator that will engage millions of mobile users with Bollywood, gaming, cricket and devotion. The company is expanding its team to accommodate the resulting growth of its business and actively pursuing opportunities in other international markets.


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