Forging Ahead in New York and Philadelphia: The Trusterra Technologies Soft-Landing Success Story (via CDMN)

By  on Oct 22, 2013

Babak Sardary, the CEO and Co-founder of Trusterra Technologies Incorporated, is in the business of making sure the right information finds its way to the right people, at the right time.

That’s why Trusterra sought the assistance of the Canadian Digital Media Network’s (CDMN) Soft-Landing Program offered through their hub at Wavefront, located in Vancouver, British Columbia, to bring Scoop™ MAE (Mobile Awareness & Engagement), a secure cloud-based centralized communication platform, to the key senior Environment, Health and Safety (EHS) executives at one of North America’s largest building products manufacturers in Philadelphia and New York.



“The motivation behind our Soft Landing was to have close talks specifically about how the Scoop platform could be used by hundreds of customer’s personnel across several regions for safety hazard recording, communication, and abatement,” says Babak. “You can’t do that via web meeting. The Soft Landing gave us the opportunity to participate in meetings with all area managers, from across the U.S., in one session—that plus the top four or five corporate Environment, Health and Safety team (EHS) who the area managers report to. With this, we hadtwo senior layers of the organization listening to our presentation.”

And the direct results of the Soft Landing certainly reverberated through Trusterra as far as sales potential and job growth.

“With large corporate environments such as these there are many different stakeholders and objectives that need to be met to achieve project success. Luckily, the Soft Landing gave us direct contact with a group of progressive executives and managers that were ready to launch and take their EHS programs to the next level! Having proven the Scoop platform with this group of champions, I would estimate that things will start to snowball within the next three to six months since Scoop is such a great fit for solving many key EHS issues at this manufacturer and many others who are looking to boost safety data quality, engage workers in the process, and have access to real time actionable analytics to spot emerging hazards.”

As far as job creation, Babak estimates that given the size and importance of this customer, Trusterra will see growth on both the marketing and development side of the business due to the foreseen requests to configure and customize the Scoop platform specifically for this customer.

“Company, job and wealth creation are crucial to the growth of Canadian digital media both at home and abroad,” said Kevin Tuer, Managing Director, CDMN. “Trusterra has joined the ranks of 34 other companies that are enjoying growth thanks to their innovations and the CDMN Soft-Landing program.”

“The Soft Landing was critical because it helped us justify the expense to travel to Philadelphia and New York,” says Babak. “But in doing so we heard from the clients directly, which is critical to any venture in strengthening their product stack and building a strong strategic roadmap.”

So what’s next for Trusterra Technologies?

Babak says he plans to continue to meet with the strategic customers they have already attracted.

“With our growing list of fortune 1000 customers, Scoop has a great story to tell to the industrial community and EHS professionals in particular,” he says.  “As we approach other important customers with this story and message, we see the strategic role that the Soft Landing program can play in helping us reach critical mass with additional customers.”

Babak says many businesses might not be ready for the the CDMN Soft Landing Program, but if you’re at the stage in your business where  you have a proven product, the traction, and people are using it, he encourages start-ups to jump at the opportunity to get out there and tell people about your product.

“On a visceral level, I like to think of the CDMN Soft Landing Program as an arm that picks you up and puts you exactly where you need to be to talk to the right people,” says Babak. “That’s really powerful to me as a new venture. Without CDMN’s assistance, I wouldn’t have been able to gain access to our champions.”


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