I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take it anymore

Innovation often comes from being tired of dealing with the same “stuff” over and over again and discovering you can actually do something about it. For myself this voyage of discovery started much earlier. On Christmas day in 1976 my parents gave me my first “real” watch. It was a silver Timex, the kind that “took a licking and kept on ticking” in those iconic John Cameron Swayze commercials. I was excited, especially when I discovered this latest watch had an actual date wheel that could be set. Running upstairs to show my mother how I set my watch to the correct date, my wrist hit the corner of our iron railing. A lifetime of electromechanical carnage was born.

Throughout the years of dead Electronic Quarterbacks, soaked watches and short-circuited Gameboys I learned to repair these devices and then think of better ways to design them to make them me-proof. I went to University, studied engineering and started designing devices that could take a beating (circuitry that went inside battle tanks, data modems that were placed in African Jungles). I then lead programs that created products that I personally drove my car over, threw down concrete stairs and dropped off concrete overpasses (while operational) to see if they kept working. This led me, along with a few other device abusers to  finally create a company that’s focus is designing high quality, high performance products that even I cannot destroy easily.

If something is bothering you, do not accept it, change it and in the process make something great.

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