Don’t just compete, lead with your mobile strategy

The Royal Bank of Canada (RBC) set out their mobile application strategy in 2007- the same year as the release of the first iPhone.  Since then, it has become increasingly more difficult to stay ahead of the competition and innovate within a consumer mobile application.

Recently, RBC was cited as a Forrester pick as one of the top global leaders in mobile banking, and a leader specifically in the Canadian market..  This position is a result of a significant commitment to their mobile strategy – resulting in an adoption of more than 1.5 million mobile banking customers since their first smartphone app debuted in 2010.

Today’s best mobile applications are integrated with organizations’ CRM systems and serve high-volume, secure information to their customers every day. This results in an increasingly complex mobile solution which requires new internal business teams, processes and most importantly, a promise of quality to ensure the mobile customer base continues to grow.

The latest race for mobile innovation is the digital wallet. Both CIBC and RBC have announced services to allow users with NFC-enabled smartphones to pay for small purchases at supported point-of-sale terminals and merchants. This offering will further differentiate them in the market, in addition to providing an added revenue stream through charging additional transaction fees.

Whatever business you are in, your customers are demanding an enhanced mobile experience.  To learn more about how RBC ensures a quality experience for their mobile customers, join us for our webinar on End-to-End Mobile Application Testing with RBC Senior Manager QA, Joe Larizza and mobile testing experts from Perfecto Mobile.  

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