It takes guts to make predictions

It takes guts to make predictions. However with good data, an eye for trends, and a little bit of old fashion good luck the occasional prediction isn’t as gutsy as we may think. Suggesting that the mobile and wireless space is poised for explosive growth isn’t a prediction, it’s having a firm grasp of the obvious.

We can safely predict that mobile devices will continue the current trajectory of possessing even greater computing capabilities. Beyond smartphones and tablets, the breathtaking pace of innovation will continue to change how we experience different sectors of our economy such as healthcare, automotive, home entertainment, manufacturing, construction, and mining. Consider the impact miniaturization is having on sensor and wearable device technologies.

Rather than focus on the devices themselves however, the growing app economy and the overall impact on the human experience both in terms of the consumer and business, present the most opportunities. It’s worth considering how applications will continue to guide and shape the capability of devices and importantly, our future.

So what could be next? Machine vision technology, the translation of light into digital information, will soon be commonplace conversation. There already is a smartphone app using the image sensor to help it detect and measure gamma rays/radiation in the immediate area. Machine vision use cases could include hands-free gesture control, facial recognition, and industrial and medical applications.

Advances in mobile device application will transform a vast range of business sectors, and the inherent human experience. Science fiction scenes that are so often seen in movies may sooner than later become our reality, offering endless opportunities to Canada’s mobile and wireless innovators.


What would you predict to be the next disruptor?

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