Identifying your tipping point: when to bring mobile application testing and development in-house?

You know that you need a mobile strategy – everyone does. But how do you differentiate yourself in this increasingly crowded and dynamic channel?

Simply publishing a static, standalone mobile application or website won’t get you coveted new customers, and more importantly, it won’t help you retain the ones you’ve worked so hard to capture. To drive revenue through your mobile channel, like  Sephora – a current leader in this space, leverage your customer knowledge and IT systems to drive an exceptional experience.

According to Jeffery Hammond, principal analyst at Forrester Research and author of the Mobile Application Development Playbook,  “I’d say that while it’s fine to strike out on your own with an agency for your first mobile app, as customers grow to expect more, you’re going to need to connect that app back into the systems of record and systems of operation that your company has. To do that – to build these advanced contextual apps that delight customers – you’re going to need to figure out how to effectively work with your IT organization, because they own that data and those systems.”

This can seem like a significant undertaking, and you may question the necessity. You can continue to pay agencies to develop and re-develop your mobile properties; however, with mobile platforms changing and evolving daily, employing the mobile testing tools needed to keep your mobile app running across current devices and operating systems is a full-time job.

If the ongoing and ever increasing cost of a continuous engagement with a mobile agency doesn’t by itself convince you to make the move to internally manage your mobile application testing and mobile web development, consider the opportunity that the mobile channel represents. A new study conducted by Insights West and Iamota shows that 50% of Canadians have made purchases through their Smartphones, and 40% are eager for new, better and different ways to interact with their favourite brands and businesses through mobile.

Whether you are still in the early stages of your mobile strategy, engaged with a digital or mobile agency, or actively looking at bringing the management of your strategy and mobile device testing in-house, building your awareness of the elements required to deliver a high-quality, customer-delighting mobile experience is key to driving revenue through this powerful channel.

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