Developers: Ready, Set, Test your App or Website! (via Invest Ottawa)

By Megan Martin on July 15, 2013

Are you a web or app developer in Ottawa? A great new resource has arrived in the city, thanks to local Digital Creative Agency bv02. They have just launched Canada’s first official Open Device Lab (ODL). The lab, free to all, features 29 (and growing) mobile and tablet devices which are all connected to one central computer. Through the main computer, developers can test new programs and websites and see how they work on each of the devices.

The Open Device Lab concept is a grassroots community movement currently being tracked by the website There are presently 65 free ODLs worldwide in 22 countries. Ottawa is not only leading the way for participation by Canadian cities but also one of the ODLs with the most devices available anywhere in the world. They plan to soon include game consoles such as Xbox and Wii as well. To book a time at the lab or for more information, check out their website and recent press, and follow them on Twitter for updates.

That’s not to say that the Open Device Lab is the only place in town to test your apps, programming or websites. Wavefront also has a handset, smartphone and tablet library available to local developers at the Invest Ottawa office, with rentals starting at $10/day. There are also about 30 devices available on-site, but Wavefront has a library of 1000+ devices available that can be ordered and sent to the Invest Ottawa site for use. You can read full details on Wavefront’s program here or on the Invest Ottawa website. Another option for mobile testing from wherever you are is the MobileCloud Interactive program, a joint program of Wavefront and Perfecto Mobile. While higher costs are involved, it allows you to test – via web access – on a multitude of handsets from all around the world.


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