ReFleX Wireless makes remote medical monitoring a reality (via BCIC)

Wednesday, July 3, 2013 

When Carol Lee was an Engineering student at the University of British Columbia, she worried about the health of her grandparents. How could she be sure about their well-being in Taiwan when she was a world away in Vancouver? A project about producing wireless sensors answered her question – and provided the launching pad for a global business.

Carol founded ReFleX Wireless 3 years ago in partnership with her classmate Andy Tsai. Once they developed the technology, they discovered a world of opportunity for wireless sensors and health data collection.

ReFleX’s Sleep Angles sensor monitors how a body lies during sleep – invaluable information for patients with sleep apnea or related conditions. The company has developed a finger sensor that reads blood oxygen level and heart rate; the data can be viewed on a smartphone or computer. Their wireless kitchen scale makes it easy to track the nutritional content of food.

Just back from a trade mission to South East Asia, Carol and her team are working with hospitals in Thailand that are using ReFleX Wireless sensors to remotely monitor home care patients.

ReFleX is a member of BCIC’s Venture Acceleration Program through program partner Wavefront in Vancouver. Carol says the program has played a valuable role helping young engineering grads bring their products to market.

“Our EIR gives us a fresh perspective on marketing, business planning and contract negotiating,” she say. “Now that we are in negotiations with multiple customers, we’re in contact with John every couple of days. We really appreciate his input about business strategy.”

Now employing 15 people, ReFleX is pursuing opportunities around the globe.

“That’s the beauty of wireless – we’re not limited geographically,” Carol explains.


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