M2M opportunities in the Canadian mining industry

It’s big business in Canada: $8.4 billion for primary mining extraction operations. Canadian mining companies are under pressure to improve productivity in existing mines rather than develop new sites. Technology, particularly M2M solutions, can help.

There is a tremendous opportunity for Canadian wireless companies to provide M2M solutions for the mining industry – both in Canada and abroad.

Canadian firms already offer a number of leading edge underground mining solutions. Bestech’s Ventilation on Demand reduces energy use in underground mines. MRS provides full ICT solutions for mines. Newtrax’s wireless telemetry solutions support work at the mine face.

But when it comes to surface mining communications technology – servicing camps and logistics needs – there is currently no Canadian firm playing a prominent role.

The future of mining innovation lies in the application of remote and robotic mining. The challenge for Canadian mining technology firms is to adapt to this emerging reality.

Mining is just one industry where wireless productivity solutions can improve safety, energy usage, utilization and labour costs. Canadian wireless companies that recognize the opportunities, develop M2M strategies and collaborate with partners can reap tremendous rewards.

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