Wavefront Wireless Summits Begin on Monday, February 4

Posted by John Gray on 2013-01-30

Wavefront Wireless Summits

Based on the success of last year’s sold-out inaugural Wireless Summits event, Wavefront bringing it back. This second annual Summits Week is focused on addressing industry-specific challenges with mobile and wireless technologies, including machine-to-machine, Bring Your Own Device, big data, and enterprise mobility applications.

In so many ways, M2M technologies are changing the way we do business. It’s estimated there will be 50 billion connected devices by 2020. In 2011 Cisco estimated there were 10 billion networked devices worldwide.  The innovation and business opportunities for Canada are significant, and there’s no question we should be seizing the leadership initiative in the space.

This year’s Summits features detailed presentations and valuable discussions around three vital industries, each with massive opportunities: health, energy, and transportation. The Wireless Summits are bringing together global enterprise industry leaders, wireless and M2M solution providers, and mobile operators. The lineup of keynote speakers is impressive, including Google’s Developer Advocate Tim Bray; Deloitte’s CIO Terry Stuart; Henning Schulzrinne CTO of the FCC; and many more industry leaders from the likes of HP, RIM, Sierra Wireless, Rogers Wireless, Deutsche Telekom, Volkswagen, and GE.

On February 4 and 5, Wavefront’s 2013 M2M Summit will be featuring leading machine-to-machine technology developers, and global business leaders sharing their vision for driving innovation, accelerating ideas and growing market opportunities. It promises to be a great learning opportunity. Attendees will appreciate conversations about industry-specific best practices on ROI models, implementation, and business processes related to healthcare, energ, transportation, and manufacturing sectors.

February 5 and 6 features the Business Summit, which is a mobile-focused event connecting business leaders, technologists and systems integrators. Discussions will highlight business challenges, innovation solutions and strategy, and share best practices in wireless, including BYOD, big data, and mobile commerce.

I caught up with James Maynard, the CEO of Wavefront, who had a tough time containing his excitement about the event. “This year we will welcome an impressive lineup of international speakers, attendees and partners that have an impact not only on the wireless business and M2M sectors, but ultimately on the Canadian economy and our day to day lives,” he said.

“The Wireless Summits bring to life much of what we strive to achieve at Wavefront—facilitating the success of Canadian wireless companies by connecting them with the critical resources, partners and opportunities that accelerate growth and commercialization,” Maynard added. “We manage to do all of this in just three days and under one roof, which is remarkable.”

Considering that more than 84% of Canadians carry mobile devices—making today’s business workforces and consumers not only mobile-enabled, but “mobile-reliant”—this event will be hitting all the right notes.

Don’t miss out on the learning experience, and the opportunity to get better connected. Tickets are still available; register here.

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