Are you protected? (Excerpt via Business in Vancouver)

Mobile devices, social media and the cloud can improve efficiency in business, but they also can increase data security risks

Mobile device Safety

Mobsafety does for mobile devices what Absolute Software’s management software does for desktop and laptop computers: it allowscompanies to manage devices used by employees and protect the data on them.

Mobsafety CEO Nick Murray likened Mobsafety to the BlackBerry Enterprise Server, but cheaper. It can be used for company-issued or employee-owned devices.

It provides services like geofencing to prevent devices from leaving a prescribed area and a special mobile web browser, called Ranger, that restricts employees from accessing sites that are off limits for work (adult sites, online gaming, etc.) and maintains a database of known malicious sites, which are automatically blocked.

Disposable, authenticated passcodes

Scorpion Software’s AuthAnvil provides two-factor authentication that allows a single passcode to be generated for each login, granting access to a variety of programs without having to enter a different password each time the user logs on.

For example, employees would use an AuthAnvil app on their smartphones each morning to generate passcodes – which can be used only once – to log onto their computers. Once logged on, they would have access to all their in-house or cloud-based programs without having to enter user names, emails or passwords – a single, unique passcode authorizes them for all their programs.

It’s not just convenient – it also prevents unauthorized use of programs because the passcode can be used only by an authorized person and can never be used twice. The passcode changes for each login, is unique to the authorized user and can never be used by anyone else.

“No one can log in as you, unless they physically had your phone, as well as knew your PIN,” Epp said.

If there is a breach, AuthAnvil provides tracing to determine where and when the breach occurred.