NCE R&D models continue to solve today’s innovation needs (via The Hill Times)

Wavefront CEO, James Maynard, says that “One of the biggest challenges that Canadian wireless companies face today is how to identify and connect with the critical resources, partners and opportunities that will enable them to grow and commercialize, so that they can generate benefits like domestic job creation and GDP. Wavefront, Canada’s Centre of Excellence for Wireless Commercialization and Research, has established a unique market entry program for Canadian wireless SMEs called WaveConnect.

By the end of this year, Wavefront will take more than 50 Canadian wireless companies to international events and market entry missions in key markets across Europe, the Middle East, South America, Africa and Asia. Being able to provide these valuable introductions to small Canadian companies has streamlined their access to key decision makers and entry into valuable new markets, accelerating their commercialization and success both at home and in the global marketplace.”

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