Showcase your Company at WCIT 2012 Canadian Digital River

WCIT MontrealUsing Augmented reality technology in a visually evocative and compelling format, WCIT 2012 will provide an opportunity for Canadian technology companies to present themselves to congress delegates and others by participating in an electronic cavalcade of the Canadian information and communications technology “landscape”.

The focal point of this showcase is a projected digital river that winds through the high traffic Showcase Room in a manner that recalls the great rivers of Canada…including the St. Lawrence, flowing meters away from the Congress venue. The river is interactive. As it “flows”, those traversing it will cause currents and ripple effects to form.

The Digital River winds figuratively through both the geography and the seasons of Canada. At several bends in its course, images of the various regions of Canada, dressed in seasonal colour, will be presented on panels. Delegates will be prompted to point smart devices at these images. This will trigger a galaxy of company logos delivered in dynamic fashion to the smart device screen. Delegates simply select a logo and, with a touch, activate text and video information about the company. The information can be stored on the delegate’s device.

Up to 100 companies will be profiled in this way. A virtual replication of the Digital River, including all participating company information will be available for web-based access once WCIT 2012 has concluded.

To participate in the showcase companies simply need to provide four key digital files (specifications follow) to WCIT organizers ( [email protected]). For maximum impact, participants in the technology showcase are encouraged to have a representative present throughout WCIT 2012.

Submission requirements

Submissions should be sent to Lynda Leonard, Senior vice-president, ITAC. [email protected]. Submissions must be received no later than September 14, 2012. Showcase participants will be accepted on a first come first served basis. For further information, call 613-238-4822 x2239.