Wavefront establishes a Government of Canada funded accelerator program for Quebec-based wireless SMEs

Montreal, Canada (September 2, 2013) – Helping accelerate the growth of wireless SMEs is a key focus for Wavefront. This National Centre of Excellence today announced funding support from the National Research Council of Canada Industrial Research Assistance Program (NRC-IRAP) to provide a wireless commercialization accelerator program for SMEs based in Quebec.

“Numerous start-ups and SMEs in the wireless technology ecosystem have valuable products or services to offer, but lack the industry contacts, testing facilities, or business skills necessary to refine and commercialize their offerings. The Wavefront Accelerator Programs help them refine their commercial offering and improve the success of their commercial launch,” said Martin Dufresne, Manager, Business Development – Quebec, Wavefront.

With NRC-IRAP’s contribution, Wavefront is able to provide accelerated commercialization services to qualified SMEs in the wireless space. Eligible SMEs will be referred by NRC-IRAP’s Industrial Technology Advisors in Quebec to receive strategic business, technical and/or marketing advisory services from Wavefront.

The Wavefront Accelerator Programs provide an array of commercialization services from business advisory services from experienced wireless industry professionals, technical preparation, testing resources, and business development support.  Furthermore, they help companies define business strategies, test products for commercial readiness, and gain entry into the wireless ecosystem with strategic industry connections and unique competitive advantages, reducing time-to-market and accelerating time-to-revenue.

For more information on Wavefront Accelerator Programs, emerging companies and SMEs working in wireless applications and technology can contact Wavefront or visit the website: www.wavefront.ca/accelerator.