Cleanweb Hackathon planned in Vancouver, September 29th 2012

Leaders in Information Technology, Advanced Materials, Renewable Energies, Energy Economics and Venture Capital collaborating in the Cleanweb Movement

VANCOUVER, BC, August 2, 2012 – The Cleanweb Hackathon is coming to Vancouver, for a one day hackathon on Saturday September 29th, riding a wave of successful events in San Francisco, New York, Paris, Boston, Boulder, Oakland and Paris.

The Cleanweb Hackathon incentivizes teams with cash prizes to collaborate and apply their collective skills to optimize resource use, like energy, water, waste, air quality and other resources. Cleanweb provides access to essential datasets and APIs from companies like CoulombTech, Tendril, Pulse Energy and Genability.

“We hope to unite Vancouver talent pools across three rich communities – Information Technology, cleantech, and design, in order tackle our global resource constraints,” said Robb Miller, one of the local organizers for the Vancouver Event. “We have found awesome support from SFU, 4D LABS, Wavefront, HiVE Vancouver, Pulse Energy, digiBC, GrowLab, BuzzData and the list keeps growing everyday.”

Sunil Paul, founding partner of Spring Ventures, an IT and cleantech venture capital firm based in San Francisco, coined the term cleanweb and is a vocal advocate of the growing movement and its significant investment opportunities. Sunil Paul is also the founder of the non-profit project “The Gigaton Throwdown,” which launched the Gigaton Awards with Sir Richard Branson and the Carbon War Room.

“Vancouver developer and design talent is awesome, diverse and ready to take on this huge global challenge,” said Nick Edouard, of Buzzdata. “We’re very happy that Cleanweb is using a BuzzData Hive as its data repository – so that the Cleanweb community worldwide will continue to collaborate and leverage resource data well beyond the day of the hack.”

“By providing access to Pulse Energy’s API for this event developers will have ready access to raw energy data.” said Kevin Tate, VP of Development at Pulse Energy, ” “We’re looking forward to working with the creative development community in Vancouver to explore innovate new ways to present the information and help people to better understand all the benefits of saving energy.”

“We hope that Vancouver developers and sustainability-minded people will seize the opportunity and create disruptive apps from the datasets and APIs to which Cleanweb gives them free access for the duration of the event,” said Eric Bukovinsky of Yaletown Venture Partners, “We’re very excited to participate as one of judges of the apps that developers create.”

Within 12 hours, teams of developers, designers, business students and others work together to deliver a working app solving a particular resource constraint problem on a scalable platform. A cross-sector panel of judges awards prizes based on targeted problems addressed, scalability and potential market adoption.

“Simon Fraser Faculties of Science and Applied Sciences, and 4D LABS, are pleased to support the Cleanweb Hackathon,” said Neil Branda, Professor and Canada Research Chair in Materials Science, SFU Department of Chemistry, “Advanced Materials will certainly play a role in addressing our resource constraints in a scalable way, and we look forward to working with Vancouver developers and designers in hacking together some key solutions.”

The first six events held in San Francisco, New York City, Boston, Boulder, Oakland and Paris were immensely successful drawing the participation of over 700 participants and the development of nearly 80 new applications, many of which have found financing partners through the events.

“The success of our first hackathons in San Francisco and New York City totally surpassed our expectations, and the follow-up events in Boston, Boulder, Oakland and Paris are continuing to drive some really innovative and substantive apps that can scale quickly and efficiently,” said Paul. “Supporting the cleanweb concept drives adoption of renewables, EVs, energy efficiency, other resource-focused apps, and brings the sector front of mind to entrepreneurs, investors and consumers.”

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About Cleanweb Worldwide
Cleanweb Worldwide is a collaborative organization among cleantech and tech industry leaders banding together to raise cleanweb’s visibility among investors, entrepreneurs, developers, government officials and consumers. Its goal is to catalyze entrepreneurs and web developers to apply their skills and creative energy to solving our greatest global challenges: climate change and resource constraint. One of its key initiatives is a Cleanweb Hackathon fourteen-city tour which kicked off last year in San Francisco, followed by New York City and Boston and continuing to Boulder, Santa Clara, Oakland, Paris, Houston, Los Angeles, Seattle, Atlanta, Vancouver and Rome. For more information visit