Wavefront and BCNET Accelerate the Commercialization of Wireless Innovation

Wavefront and BCNET provide wireless start-ups with high-bandwidth connections to B.C. researchers improving their productivity

Vancouver, May 30, 2012 Wavefront, the national commercialization centre supporting the growth of Canada’s wireless companies has partnered with BCNET, a shared IT services organization dedicated to higher education and research in British Columbia, enabling technology collaboration between industry and academia to accelerate the commercialization of wireless innovation.

FusionPipe, a resident in Wavefront’s accelerator program, uses BCNET’s high-speed research network for testing and validating their software and setting up a hybrid cloud. They required an advanced network-testing environment to undertake and endorse their research and collaborate with researchers at SFU. Their core product, ThoriumCloud, delivers virtual desktops and secure Intranet access to tablets and smartphones.

Peter Luong, Fusion Pipe

“Through Wavefront’s access to BCNET’s advanced research network we were able to collaborate with researchers at SFU and quickly move from testing to prototyping,” says Peter Luong, Fusion Pipe’s CEO. “The high-speed network provides a direct link to transmit large amounts of data to SFU Burnaby where researchers were developing and testing cloud-based disaster recovery solutions using our technology. We’re in the early days of our collaboration project with SFU that is building on the advancements of cloud computing and network virtualization. This project will put us at the centre of the future of cloud-computing – a pretty cool place to be.”

The cooperation between BCNET and Wavefront is accelerating the commercialization of innovation by bridging low-cost networks between research and industry. Wavefront connects to BCNET’s high-speed, high-capacity network through its Vancouver Transit Exchange, a network services exchange. The Exchange is a network neutral marketplace that directly interconnects Wavefront through a central router to over 35 research universities and institutes in Vancouver.

Linking to BCNET’s Exchange enables wireless start-up organizations at Wavefront with a competitive advantage by providing unlimited bandwidth for transmitting data freely and efficiently with Vancouver’s research universities and institutes by bypassing commercial network service providers.

“BCNET can help to foster innovation by enabling low-cost network peering connections between researchers and small and medium sized private enterprises through our Transit Exchanges located in British Columbia,” says Michael Hrybyk, president and CEO, BCNET. “Our Exchange offers leading-edge technology that is designed to optimize data traffic for our higher education members, as well as foster community and economic development.”

Wavefront received funding through CANARIE’s DAIR program, the Digital Accelerator for Research and Innovation, to provision a direct fibre optic network connection between Wavefront’s facilities and the BCNET Transit Exchange located at Harbour Centre in Vancouver. The Exchange reduces network costs through peering connections and provides low-cost access to nine commercial Internet service providers.

“Wavefront and BCNET’s partnership provides a robust cloud-based development environment for FusionPipe’s technology, speeding up their commercialization – which is what we’re here to do,” said Alan Swain, VP Technology and Operations at Wavefront.

BCNET is a not-for-profit, shared IT services organization that collaborates with its higher education members to explore and evaluate leading-edge information technology services to accelerate research, collaboration, learning and innovation. BCNET’s high-capacity, advanced fibre optic network infrastructure provides a common and powerful platform to deliver services to support research and the strategic objectives of higher education institutions.

About Wavefront
Wavefront accelerates the growth and commercialization of wireless companies in Canada by engaging them with critical resources, partners and opportunities, to drive economic and social benefits for Canada. See www.wavefront.ca/accelerator for more details. Wavefront is a registered trademark of Wavefront Wireless Innovation Society of British Columbia.

About FusionPipe
FusionPipe Software Solutions is an enterprise mobility solutions company that specializes in Cloud computing technologies for the Smartphone, Ultrabook, and tablet computer environment. We overcome the pain of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) environments and the challenges of using tablets running iOS in order to increase business productivity.

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