Wavefront and MaRS Commons partner to accelerate wireless application development in Toronto

Toronto’s first mobile handset library helps mobile app developers get to market faster

TORONTO, ONT, May 15, 2012 – Wavefront, a National Centre of Excellence supporting the growth and commercialization of wireless companies in Canada, is providing MaRS Commons with a mobile handset library consisting of the most popular handsets available.  This means that wireless application developers no longer need to buy the multitude of handsets required to test their applications, saving time and money – a fact known to wireless innovators who have already taken advantage of Wavefront’s handset library in Vancouver.

“Wavefront provided us access to their huge library of handsets and mobile expertise right when we needed it most,” said Jeff Stautz, Director of Mobile at Vancouver-based Hootsuite, one of the most popular, and fastest-growing, social media management systems in the world. “We were able to build, test, and deploy across a variety of devices much more efficiently by using their resources. Wavefront has also been instrumental in connecting us with carriers and industry leaders, giving us high-profile meetings that have led to lucrative business opportunities,” said Stautz.

“Growing a strong Canadian wireless industry requires collaboration among organizations who support innovators and entrepreneurs which is why Wavefront is proud to be partnering with MaRS given the critical role they play in the Toronto area,” said Hélène Joncas, Wavefront’s Vice-President, Eastern Region. “Wavefront’s focus on initiatives that accelerate the growth of companies in the wireless sector complements theirs.”

“With mobile technologies hitting the market at an unprecedented rate, entrepreneurs in the ICE sector need every possible advantage in order to stay competitive,” says Krista Jones, Practice Lead in MaRS¹ Information Technology, Communications and Entertainment (ICE) practice. “While the startups in the MaRS Commons already have access to a great combination of mentorship and education, the Wavefront partnership will give them that extra edge required to build successful global businesses.”

About Wavefront
Wavefront accelerates the growth and commercialization of wireless companies in Canada by engaging them with critical resources, partners and opportunities, to drive economic and social benefits for Canada. Wavefront grows wireless companies through accelerator and mentorship programs, offers WaveGuide training seminars and WaveLink market linkage programs, and hosts an annual wireless and M2M conference. See www.wavefront.ca/accelerator for more detail. Wavefront is a registered trademark of Wavefront Wireless Innovation Society of British Columbia.

About MaRS Commons
MaRS Commons is part of the MaRS Discovery District, a leading innovation centre housing MaRS Commons and MaRS Innovation, Toronto’s hottest technology and entertainment entrepreneurs and the MaRS information technology, communications and entertainment (ICE) practice. Mentorship programs, networking, co-working space, amazing speakers, market research, education programs and access to capital―all working together to help entrepreneurs thrive. See http://marscommons.marsdd.com for more detail.

Wavefront Contact »
John Corry, Communications Manager
[email protected]/accelerator
mobile 604.506.7441

MaRS Commons Contact »
Chris Stevenson, Director, Communications
[email protected]
phone 416.673.8104