Citizen-App Challenge

If government data were openly available, what web or mobile application would you want built? The Stratford Institute for Digital Media invites Canadians to participate in the Citizen-App Challenge.

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Having just released the first-ever comparative evaluation of open government as well as provincial and territorial egovernment initiatives, the Stratford Institute for Digital Media turns to Canadian citizens to participate in the Citizen-App Challenge by proposing “Citizen-Apps” – applications (web or mobile) that draw on government data to provide new and useful services to citizens.

The launch of the national Citizen-App Challenge on Wednesday April 25th coincides with the CDMN Canada 3.0 2012 digital media forum, where the focus is on moving Canada to an overall leadership role in digital media; Open Government is one area of particular interest.

“A defining feature in becoming a digital nation is and must be the proactive use of new communications media coupled with the advancement of Open Government initiatives to empower the relationship between government and citizens,” said Ian E. Wilson, Executive Director of The Stratford Institute. “Having completed our objective evaluation of governments’ provision of services and data online, we are now opening up the conversation and asking the public to help us envision what sorts of online applications could be possible if we had a truly open government.”

The Stratford Institute invites anyone, from interested citizens to experienced app developers, to visit and share their ideas for Citizen-Apps.

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