Wavefront and New Indigo help promote awareness of ocean sustainability, one app download at a time

Wavefront supports the launch of The Dolphin Ocean Rescue app

VANCOUVER , BC, April 19, 2012 – Wavefront, the community-based commercialization centre supporting the growth of Canada’s wireless and new media development companies, is pleased to support the launch of version 1 of The Dolphin Ocean Rescue, an educational game application developed by Vancouver-based New Indigo Ventures, Inc. for the iPad and iPhone. The Dolphin Ocean Rescue is a 3D marine-themed game that has an educational and sustainability focus to help raise awareness of ocean-based sustainability issues while you play, and raising funds for marine-focused organizations around the globe.

In 2011, New Indigo was accepted into the [email protected] Program that supports and nurtures early-stage BC wireless companies from product concept to market entry. “The [email protected] Program really helped us get our app to market faster, as it provided New Indigo with business services, office space, and the validation of our app using Wavefront’s usability service,” said Robert Eisses, Partner, New Indigo Ventures, Inc.. See www.wavefront.ca/accelerator/services/accelerator-programs/bcic-wavefront-entrepreneurship-wavefront-program/ for more on this program.

“Our motto for this game is PLAY, LEARN and GIVE BACK. Geared to players aged 10 and up, the object is to help Daniel Dolphin and his friends build and manage a virtual reef environment. As players make their way through the levels, they are provided with messages, developed in partnership with our Eco Partners, about each stressor affecting that level,” said Eisses.

While the Dolphin Ocean Rescue is free to play, users can purchase additional virtual currency (pearls) that help users accelerate their play or unlock premium items. A portion of revenues collected from these purchases are donated to their growing list of globally focused marine Eco-Partners like Project Seahorse http://seahorse.fisheries.ubc.ca/ at UBC in Vancouver, Canada and Planeta Oceano http://www.planetaoceano.org/ in Lima, Peru.

In the first couple weeks of release the company already had nearly 10,000 users from around the world; their goal is to reach 500,000 plus – “The more people that play the game, the more we hope to raise awareness of issues facing our oceans. It’s a great way to engage kids (and grown-ups) and at the same time support our EcoPartners. We plan to port the game to Android and Windows next to broaden our reach, so stay tuned for more news!”

Download the app below and let Rob know what you think; or better yet, add a review to the site if you like it. The application is available for Apple’s iPhone, iPod and iPad at the Apple iTunes site at http://goo.gl/USPPc.

About Wavefront

Wavefront accelerates the growth and commercialization of wireless companies in Canada by engaging them with critical resources, partners and opportunities, to drive economic and social benefits for Canada.  See www.wavefront.ca/accelerator and @WavefrontAC for more detail. Wavefront is a registered trademark of Wavefront Wireless Innovation Society of British Columbia.

About New Indigo

New Indigo (New Indigo Ventures, Inc.) is an independent new media publisher. Founded in early 2011 we are focused on family friendly titles for mobile platforms that encourage fun, sustainability and learning.

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