Vision Mobile – Developer Economics 2012 Online Survey

Now in its third year, Vision Mobile’s annual Developer Economics report series has become a well-known staple of developer research. This is your chance to have your say on some of the key issues of this research: top platforms and app stores, revenues and monetization, main development challenges, app marketing and many more.

What are your views on mobile development today? Spend 10 minutes and take our online survey. The results will be available for free download in Q2 2012, thanks to the sponsorship by BlueVia.

Take the online survey – and win prizes!

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After the survey is completed (April 30), we’ll hold a draw for 3 great prizes:
1. One Amazon voucher worth $1,000
2. One new iPad

3. One Kindle Fire

This research will investigate some of the hottest trends of mobile development, including:
– Mindshare of major mobile platforms- has the mobile web caught up with Android, iOS?
– App store fragmentation – how many app stores do developers use concurrently?
– Revenues vs. costs – how much money are developers really making?
– Regional vs. global demand – what is the balance between developer supply vs. app demand across regions?

The results of this survey will be available for free download in Q2, thanks to the sponsorship by BlueVia

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The VisionMobile Team