Wavefront and Wireless Industry Partnership (WIP) launch WIPwiki

Wavefront and Wireless Industry Partnership (WIP) launch WIPwiki as the community tool for easier and faster mobile development

WIPwiki launches at CTIA Wireless I.T. and Entertainment, booth 1134-A

wavefront, the commercialization centre accelerating the growth of British Columbia’s wireless and new media cluster, and the Wireless Industry Partnership (WIP), the ‘connector’ for the mobile and wireless industry; invite attendees at CTIA Wireless I.T. and Entertainment to participate in the launch of the WIPwiki by contributing content at www.wipwiki.com.

An Open Partnership Project, the WIPwiki serves mobile application and content developers from concept through commercial deployment by giving them immediate, free and consolidated access to the otherwise complex, fragmented and hard-to-find information they need to successfully navigate the development process. WIP estimates that global industry fragmentation is costing developers $6 billion per year by doubling, and in some cases tripling, their costs to develop an application across multiple platforms and devices.

With the WIPwiki, developers can focus on innovation instead of time-consuming searches for tools and resources like mobile operator and carrier developer programs, platforms, devices, APIs and SDKs. The wiki model also allows developers to add to and edit this information, share tips, make connections, learn about certification, and access or provide go-to-market services and advice.

At its launch, the WIPwiki has tagged 300 companies, 55 developer programs and 65 developer tips and queries. To add to the wiki, users simply need to register a username and password. CTIA attendees who check out or contribute to the wiki at booth 1134-A will be entered to win a portable DVD player.

“The WIPwiki is something the industry needs to put creativity and innovation back in the control of the developers, as less time will be spent on the drudgery of searching for answers and unnecessary coding. Kudos to Wavefront and WIP for partnering to launch this tool for our community,” said Vincent Berge, CEO and Co-Founder of Mobile Distillery, a developer tool whose profile can be found in the WIPwiki.

“The WIPwiki very effectively consolidates everything from developer programs to tools, providing a lot of detail while still being easy to use,” said Ed Schmit, Associate Director, AT&T Enterprise Developer Program. “I’m glad to have this resource to refer AT&T’s devCentral community to so they can get off the mark quickly with a smoother development path ahead of them.”

“Taking an application from concept to market is overwhelming and the reality can be a buzz kill even for the most passionate developer. The WIPwiki will make it easier for us to get on with the work we enjoy and that got us into mobile app development in the first place,” said Raj Singh, Vice-President Business Development with Skyfire, developers of a new media-rich mobile web browser.

The WIPwiki has also received support from Canada’s National Research Council and its Industrial Research Assistance Program (NRC-IRAP) which provides a range of both technical and business oriented advisory services along with potential financial support to growth-oriented Canadian small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). The program is delivered by an extensive integrated network of 260 professionals in 100 communities across the country. For more, visit irap-pari.nrc-cnrc.gc.ca.

About Wavefront
wavefront is the commercialization centre accelerating the growth of British Columbia’s growing cluster of more than 1,000 wireless and new media developer companies. Wavefront improves speed-to-market and delivery of mobile applications and devices by providing emerging companies with a suite of WaveGuide™ training, mobile industry advisory services and testing and accreditation services that facilitate commercial engagement with mobile network operators and enterprise companies around the world. For more information on Wavefront, visit www.wavefront.ca/accelerator.

About WIP
WIP is the ‘connector’ for the wireless and mobile industry making the path easier for mobile developers, reducing cycle times and increasing innovation in the mobile ecosystem. We give emerging wireless companies an extra edge in getting products and services to market with our global partnerships, events like Mobile Jam; Go to Market programs and websites like the WIPwiki. Visit us at: www.wipconnector.com

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