Free JavaScript Essentials Workshop

Amy Nguyen

Putting the FUN in FUNdamentals. Want a taste of the world of a Web Developer? Join us for a free evening of learning to code! Led by members of the Lighthouse Labs team, come introduce yourself to the worlds most popular programming language: JavaScript! We’ll be covering the basics of JS for people with little to no coding experience, where you’ll get … Read More

Code Kata Workshop

Amy Nguyen

Introducing our first workshop: iOS Code Katas, organized by the team at Connected Lab! Connected Lab runs a bi-weekly code kata series, focusing on topics such as TDD, FRP, UI animation/transition and many others. Code katas are small coding exercises which help developers hone their skills in problem-solving, familiarize themselves with APIs and develop instincts for detecting code smells. They … Read More

Planning for Success

Jonathan Wolf

The essentials of Strategic Planning — for project, team and organizational leaders.  Whether you’re launching into strategic planning for the first time, or wanting to revisit the ways in which you approach it, this workshop provides an opportunity to look at the process of strategic planning, and discuss the essential ingredients for doing it well. Participants will have an opportunity … Read More