Build Your Business Through B2B Meetings

Wavefront’s B2B Meetings are facilitated one-on-one sessions that match enterprise clients with SMEs offering IoT and digital transformation solutions.

This is an opportunity to move your business forward, whether your focus is adopting digital technologies that will enhance competitive advantage or expanding to new markets.

For meeting hosts, the B2B Meetings will help you find solutions to business and technology challenges. We’ll help you connect with innovative companies offering solutions that meet your specific needs.

For SMEs/Solutions Providers, the B2B Meetings will help you connect with enterprise leaders who can help you expand your customer base, explore partnerships and discover new markets. All Summit delegates are eligible to apply for B2B Meetings.

Over 45% of Wavefront Summit attendees participated in B2B Meetings and gave a 9 out of 10 satisfaction rating at the 2015 Wavefront Summit.

See below for the list of hosts participating in this year’s B2B Meetings!

Applications are now closed. 


2017 B2B Meeting Hosts

B2B Meeting Testimonials

B2B meetings were the main reason I came and was VERY happy with them. It was worth the trip for the B2B meetings. Amazing work!!!

The meetings were very constructive and provided us an opportunity to understand what was being presented and offer guidance on what we saw. Having these scheduled in advance was a great way to ensure a highly productive event.

We thought they were perfect!

Our B2B meetings alone made this event worth it for us.