2017 Summit

IoT + Digital Transformation:
Increasing Enterprise Competitiveness
and Relevance

May 1-2, 2017,

Toronto, ON, Canada
Metro Toronto Convention Centre

How will the technologies of tomorrow impact your business needs today?


All around us today, the world is accelerating through a digital transformation of our business by leveraging the Internet of Things (IoT). How will we orchestrate that change? In understanding the state of IoT globally, what frameworks can we model our change on? How can we incubate innovation and then hold onto it?  We need to embrace disruption, but when that means operating on the edge, do Canadians have the courage to boldly invest and adopt the change necessary to survive?


Summit Program

This year’s Wavefront Summit will cover a robust mix of topics to help understand and navigate the digital transformation that is the Internet of Things. Experts will share thought provoking ideas, champions will present stories of successful adoption, our B2B Meeting Program will connect enterprise challenges with innovative solutions providers. And new this year, our Innovative Showcase will feature the Innovation Creation Competition.


The Wavefront Summit 2017 is a MUST for your business whether you are an SME or large-scale enterprise.


Stay tuned for the full schedule and program coming soon!



Join us May 1st & 2nd in Toronto as we provide actionable insight on how to adopt IoT solutions, explore the industries that are leading by example and identify the best practices most suitable to improving your company’s competitive advantage.