We are Wavefront

We are one of a handful of organizations in the world that bring all the components critical for adopting technologies to improve productivity under one roof. Companies at all stages of development, from emerging start-ups to more established players benefit from our holistic approach to commercialization.

We are able to address the needs of both Wireless Entrepreneurs and Small Medium Enterprises (SMEs) through the Wavefront Accelerator. Our expertise in technical training and business consulting allows us to deliver solutions to established enterprise companies who want to gain a competitive market advantage through Wavefront Enterprise Solutions.

  • We are Canada‚Äôs leader in transforming business through mobile and IoT innovation
  • We aim to accelerate the growth and competitiveness of business through the creation and adoption of wireless technologies, in order to drive profitability, economic impact and social benefits for Canadians
  • We do this by providing expertise, resources, and connections to partnership opportunities and global markets
  • We are a Canadian Centre of Excellence for Commercialization and Research (CECR)

The Wavefront Model