How do you create a satisfying user experience through your mobile app or device? Test It.

Ensure your app functions the way you designed it to perform by using our comprehensive usability testing services. Our state-of-the-art usability lab allow you to refine your end-user experience, and ensure it will leave your customers happy. Connect with us for the right expertise and services to suit your specific technical needs.


Our Usability Lab Services


Test & Monitor

  • Run tests tailored to specific user needs, and analyze results
  • Identify user requirements and preferences
  • Connect to remote teams during test sessions

Review & Validate

  • Evaluate product design in light of results
  • Work with our experts to prototype responsive design
  • Receive recommendations and heuristic evaluations to improve UI

Working with community partners, we offer access to usability lab equipment, as well as facilitation, planning and analysis services. For further information on our scripting services, click here.