Research & Strategy

Effective research and strategy extends beyond planning and understanding the current market landscape. We apply a user-centred methodology backed by data-driven science that allows you to see opportunity beyond what you perceive about your business today.

Our solutions include:

Strategic Foresight

Understanding the future state of the factors affecting your business is critical to retaining your competitive advantage. Our method of strategic foresight will take the guesswork out of shaping your digital strategy. We’ll help you move beyond strategic planning with our expertise in forecasting a forward view of new markets, technologies and environmental factors.

Requirements Gathering

Our proven approach to requirements gathering looks beyond identifying your immediate system objectives. We consider the full scope of the problem to be solved, taking into account potential barriers and stakeholder bias. Rest assured that the solution engineered represents a holistic view of your present and future needs.

Design Thinking

Leverage this approach to solution-based thinking to identify a clear product vision and validate and build your prototype in weeks.

Usability Testing

Validate the effectiveness of your product by testing it through our user experience services. Our team of engineers and experts are trained to identify areas for improvement to boost the performance of your product.    Learn more

Facilitated Workshops

Our workshops are designed to walk you through the process of research and strategy, from strategic foresight and requirements gathering to designing and engineering for results.