Introducing Wavefront’s 2017 Fall Cohort

We are happy to announce the latest addition to the Wavefront Community. Last month we opened applications for our BCIC Venture Acceleration Program, Discovery Foundation’s RevUP Program and National Entrepreneurship Program. We selected 7 Venture Acceleration Program companies, 4 RevUP companies and 12 National Entrepreneurship Program companies. We look forward to working with such promising individuals on helping them grow … Read More

What Sets the Canadian Digital Technology Supercluster Apart?

Wavefront is proud to a member of the consortium leading the digital technology supercluster initiative. In collaboration with a number of industry partners, the consortium is seeing momentum grow across the country. This week, Wavefront sat down with Greg Caws, President of the Premier’s Technology Council in British Columbia, to hear how the Canadian Digital Technology Supercluster is positioned to create … Read More

3 Habits for Building a Sustainable Culture

Kenny MacKenzie participated in Wavefront’s Venture Acceleration Program to grow a startup he cofounded, Vandrico. Through leading the company as COO, Kenny shares his knowledge on how to grow an organization by starting with a healthy culture.  Scaling a startup is one of the most challenging endeavours in business. The skills and habits that enabled you to reach this stage probably aren’t the same as the ones that you will … Read More

Reimagining Retail Series: Microsoft Enabling Retail Innovation

Microsoft’s Retail Industry Lead, Dave Rodgerson sat down with Wavefront’s VP Marketing & Communications, Michelle Sklar to learn more about what is really transpiring at the intersection of retail and IoT.    What are Microsoft’s key pillars for enabling retail innovations?  Microsoft has an approach to digital transformation that is based on four pillars:   Engaging your customers, by giving them new tools like shopping bots for example.  Empowering your associates, by … Read More

Everyone’s Guide to Designing Conversational Interfaces

Wavefront regularly teams up with best in class consultants and solutions integrators to drive maximum value for our clients. Connected Lab is one of the organizations we partner with when it comes to intelligent product design and development.     Ramy Nassar, digital product design consultant and member of the product strategy team at Connected Lab, shares his approach to designing conversational interfaces.  Conversational interfaces (CIs) are rapidly shifting how consumers interact with brands, and the vast range … Read More

Icicle Technologies Inc: Food Safety Software Improving Global Health Standards

Icicle Technologies Inc. is the company behind an award-winning food production management software. Their technology helps food manufacturers monitor the safety and efficiency of production systems from one centralized platform.   Icicle was founded in BC but now operates in multiple countries around the world. How did they achieve global success? Founder and CEO Steve Burton shares the story behind the company and how Wavefront’s Global Market Entry Program supported their international expansion.   How … Read More

Wavefront helps Town of Newmarket seize Smart Cities solutions

As the regional centre in York Region, Canada’s fastest growing region, the Town of Newmarket is committed to shifting the community to a digital-based economy. Like many municipalities, the Town of Newmarket recognizes how Smart Cities innovations can improve services, reduce environmental impact and decrease costs. Their challenge: finding solutions that fit the size, existing infrastructure and long-term goals of … Read More